Nouveau Presentations specializes in corporate event planning and production. From regional corporate conferences to arena-scale extravaganzas, the Nouveau team has conceived and executed hundreds of events for some of the largest brands in the world. The key to Nouveau’s success is our teamwork approach. From preplanning through final accounting, we work closely with you to ensure that we’re always on track, on budget and on deadline.

Creatively, we thrive on the challenge of developing fresh ideas for your event needs. And, once we imagine a solution, we know how to bring it to life. Years of experience working on every conceivable type of live event give us an encyclopedic knowledge of technical and logistical solutions. We know how to be resourceful with your time and money… and how to deliver flawless execution on game day. From our creative gurus to our technical wizards, the glue that binds the Nouveau team is attitude. We’re a team of seasoned professionals who are independent thinkers by nature and veteran collaborators by practice. Our goal is to deliver a process you’ll enjoy… with results you’ll love.

Meet Rita MacDermott of Nouveau Presentations, LLC in Scottsdale, AZ
Photo of Rita MacDermott

Rita MacDermott has developed a practical business model that works well for her:  reducing overhead costs by using outside contractors instead of employees to perform production services. An added benefit is that this gives her the flexibility to hire the exact expertise needed exactly when she needs it. Formed from a group of freelancers who had worked together off and on, this is a more stable arrangement yet still accommodates keeping the companies separate. "It's not only about the business model, because a lot of people would think this is the same as subcontracting, and in a way it is, Ms. MacDermott explains, "The difference is in the internal processes we use --- agreements, project tracking, team building, and communication. In the end, it's all about building and managing relationships."

Projects are all about corporate communications, in its many its forms - strategic goal setting, written, verbal, electronic, video, and events. Projects include halftime shows for the NFL, a week-long convention for Benjamin Moore Paints, and an anniversary event for The Carlson Companies that included a 900 person cast and major name speakers. Also, a "family university" cruise for Young Presidents Organization led to planning gatherings in Russia, Switzerland and Finland. Ms. MacDermott provides the executive production services, in charge of client relations, budgets, and creative development. She helps clients develop their message, such as how to present a new product to their sales team. Then, she implements the plan with technical direction, sets, graphics, script writing, video production, and live performances.

Nouveau Presentations, LLC was founded in 1995, but it wasn't until 4 years ago that it became WBE-certified. Commenting on the list of procurement officers that is provided by NWBOC to every certified company, Ms. MacDermott was enthusiastic: "It has really helped me this past year. Every one of those I reached out to contacted me back and were cooperative. Some corporations on the list I'd never heard of, but a little research showed me that they were in fact worth my time. The list rocks!"

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